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Magnificent Key Features of Excel File Unlocker Software

excel sheet unlocker

Recover Excel File Password

Excel Password Recovery Software helps to recover lost and forgotten Excel file password and crack excel sheet password. It perfectly Unlock Excel file protection to makes it password free.

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Recover Any Length Password

Excel File Unlocker Tool is able to recover any length password of excel file so now you don’t need to take tension about the password length just browse your locked password file and recover password to re-open Excel file.

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Easily Unlock XLSX Protection

Excel Unlocker is brilliant program that perfectly remove Excel file password and Unlock XLSX protection to open Excel file. By using Excel Sheet Unlocker Software you can Unlock Excel file protection in few minutes.

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Two Methods for Unlocking Password

Excel File Unlocker Software offers two methods dictionary attacks and brute force attacks for unlocking the protected Excel file. You can select any method to get back lost and forgotten Excel file password in few minutes.

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Recover Multilingual Password

Excel Password Remover Software is able to recover any type of password related to- alphabetic, alpha-numeric, numeric, symbolic etc. So using the software you can recover any kind of combination of Excel password.

excel password remover

Unlock XLS & XLSX Password

Excel Unlocker Software is well designed program that fastly recover XLS and XLSX file password and Unlock protection. Excel Unlocker tool supports all Excel file versions upto 2016 to unlock Excel file protection.

Use Demo of Excel File Unlocker Software

Trail demo Excel File Unlocker Software that shows complete password recovery process to you and facilities to unlock first three character of the password at free of cost by getting the primary three Characters you can guess about your password.

Excel Unlocker Software to Unlock Excel Protection

Now gets the lost Excel file password using the best Excel Password Recovery Software that perfectly recover XLSX File password and safely unlock Excel sheet password in few minutes. By taking help of Excel File Unlocker Tool you can remove protection from locked excel file password and makes it password free. Software is able to recover forgotten Excel file password and unlock protection of Excel file. Excel Password Remover Software gives two methods dictionary attacks and brute force attacks to remove Excel file password and unlock Excel sheet protection. It is good way to re-access again Excel file by unlocking the protection. With the help of Excel Password Recovery Software you can recover Excel file password and open Excel file.

Excel Password Recovery Process


  • Dictionary Attacks-Recover Excel password with default dictionary provided by the program. Besides, you can add your own dictionary to shorten Excel password recovery time.

  • Brute Force Attacks-Help you try all possible combinations if you remember nothing about the password.